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General Cleaning


Danny's Cleaning Services will make sure all doors are damped wiped.
All marks and mud are removed from walls and baseboard.
Front entrances and powder rooms are swept, vacuumed and damp wiped.
For garbage, and waste material are removed and a new bag is replaced in garbage bins.



The bathtub, tiling and shower doors/partitions are soaked and cleaned.
All areas are damp wiped.
All cupboards, tile floors and vents are vacuumed.



All vents are cleaned and vacuumed.
All carpeting and floors are cleaned and vacuumed.


Models/Sales Homes:

We maintain models and sales centers as a showpiece.
Therefore, special care is used in thoroughly cleaning, vacuuming dusting and polishing every area of these units.

Window Cleaning:

We use a unique tried and true method in thoroughly cleaning your windows, frames and sills. A job no doubt will be pleasing to our customers.


Carpet Cleaning:

We pride ourselves in focusing on removing stains and debris from carpets and rugs, leaving them fresh and clean for our homeowners to enjoy.